The Song of The Runes

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Long I have endeavored to immerse myself in the magical world of the Runes, but every time I have tried to start that Journey it seems I can’t quite find the way to start. I wanted to find a way to integrate my knowledge in me, so that I don’t have to have a reference book afterwords when I needed to use the Runes.

There are a lot of pages on the internet and books regarding the Runes, but as a person I work very intuitively with everything I do, so I quickly tossed the books aside.

Instead I took my time to find the right material to make my own Rune Deck. Through time I have seen many different kinds of decks and I have considered making mine in wood, clay or metal. But the choice came to me by the beach of Thorsminde, at the west coast of Denmark.

The call of the Stones

Stones. Stones and more stones. If you came to see my home and have watched me all through my childhood, some might say that stones would be the most natural choice for me. Everywhere you look in my home you will see stone upon stone and I can’t take a walk with out my pockets being filled with stones. So that day, when walking at the beach at Thorsminde, feeling the roar of The North Sea in my blood and the wind play with my hair, there was suddenly a silent whisper from the small stones surrounding me and one stone became two and two became a handful and then two handfuls.

With the stones in my hand, finally my journey could begin, one Rune after another.

Let me carve Fehu

I have always worked with the 24 Futhark because to me this one is more magical in itself and because it is always these Runes that show themselves when I’m looking for answers and guidance.

Fehu is the first Rune on my journey, which began in the weeks prior to the full moon in August 2017. My thoughts where to carve Fehu on the selected stone on the day of the full moon, prior to this day I went on a long Seiðr to seek the knowledge of Fehu and at the same times I looked deep into the Anglo-Saxon Rune poem and the verse about Fehu. Through this process I received three words that make up the essence of what Fehu means to me. I also received a message as to incorporate these three words into the Runesong that I was given on my Seiðr journey. I received the song in Danish, but it translate to something like this;

Runes, let me carve Runes.

Runes that speaks,

Magic, insight and power.

Let me carve Runes.

The stone that I had chosen for this Rune, I had with me during the Seiðr and it was placed beside me during my work with all the visions I had received and when studying the Rune poem. But on the day of the full moon when I started to make the carvings into the stone, it broke in half and I had to choose another stone. The first stone was light as the full moon, the second one was dark as an eclipse. It left me quite puzzled as to the meaning, because when I first started this project I knew the first Rune should be carved on the August full moon, because it is the time of Lammas, the first harvest celebration. It turned out that the August full moon in 2017 was no ordinary full moon, because there was an eclipse on this day.

I was a bit scared that the new stone might not have the same energy and power, as the first one, because the second stone hadn’t been with me through the whole process. But that was put to shame, as the second stone has a lot of power that actually seems to fit quite well with the things I have learned about Fehu.

To me Fehu speaks of wealth, prosperity and goals. It is also ambiguous because wealth and prosperity can leave you with both joy and also sorrow, when it leaves people divided. Wealth in itself can mean a lot of things and doesn’t necessarily come in the form of economic success. Fehu also symbolizes material goods and property, but always remember to make a stop and look around yourself. There is also a great wealth and prosperity in achieving your goals for this life, to execute and finish a cycle.

Fehu also symbolizes power and creative energy, which in itself is a form of wealth.

Photography by Nordic Pictures®

To dare embrace the Primordial Force

On my way down the road my next meeting with the Runes was Urur. But before I venture forward with Urur, I need to tell you about the very first Rune I ever met, it left me with such a forceful impression that I had to carry it with me, on my body, for all the years to come and this was back in November 2013. The Rune I met was Teiwaz – it hit me so hard like a hammer and left me completely disoriented because Teiwaz to me is the essence of raw masculine power and energy and how on earth did that mix with my inner wild woman?

To me Teiwaz is about courage, strength and the will to sacrifice and these values is something that fits well with who I am, so I literally wrote Teiwaz behind my left ear. I knew I had to remember this Rune, otherwise it wouldn’t keep showing itself to me again and again.

And now back to Urur, four years later, when the time for the next full moon is almost there. This time I had planned a vision quest from sundown to sunrise by a beautiful lake and it turned out to be the second time being hit with a hammer and loosing my breath. On this vision quest I met the primordial forces in such a way that it still leaves me breathless think about it. It started with a calm and quiet evening, but that changed around midnight when the wind and rain started coming, this is what I saw and heard;

Crow calls in the twilight – 4 screams 3 times.

Bats fly. Counterclockwise. Clockwise. Counterclockwise.

Troll looking behind the Beech.

Fire dances. Rain falls. Wind whispers. The Earth rests.

Silence now. Silence now. Silence now and listen to the darkness and the stone.

The primordial forces entails the will to live, it is the survival instinct and your inner power. It is also creativity in its purest form and a part of the beginning of a new cycle, but at the same time it is important to remember that it also has a downside to it, namely a risk of showing lack of will for change and development.

This Rune holds the power of the wild and gives you strength to make changes, if you want to. You also find patience and endurance to take a walk on a new path – like the Urox that walks the wild fields. The primordial forces and wildness demands courage. Courage to make the necessary decisions. It is all about growth, development and creation.

And then why did I tell you all this about the Rune Teiwaz? Because on this vision quest I had with Urur, it became very clear to me that Urur was not just another powerful Rune, but I have a very powerful personal connection to this on, just like the one I have with Teiwaz. It gives me the perfect balance, because Urur to me is the definition of raw feminine energy whereas Teiwaz is the raw masculine energy. But please remember that this is my personal interpretation and experience in my journey with the Runes.

Photography by Nordic Pictures®

The journey continues

As I am writing this my journey continues with the next Rune, Thurisar. It will be a long journey and it might never really come to an end. Regardlessly, I am honored that I am allowed to make this journey to experience the magical world of the Runes.

As already mentioned every time I learn the meaning of a new Rune, I also create a new verse for the song that was given to me on the Fehu Seiðr and so the journey continues.

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