Photography by Nordic Wild Woman®

The thorn is exceedingly sharp, an evil thing for any knight to touch, uncommonly severe on all who sit among them.

/The Anglo-Saxon poem of Runes

The Rune regarding chaos, care and protection.

Thurisar contains The Chaos forces and if not used with care and caution , it can cause serious harm. The Rune in itself does not cause harm, but it is very powerful protection, which can be experienced violently to the recipient.

This Rune is a powerful protector, which need to be charged properly, so it does not reject everything that wants to get close. Not everything is bad for the recipient.

Working with The Chaos forces can be an intense journey that might lead you into places you aren’t ready for, that’s way the intention for using Thurisar needs to be very clear before using it.

Thurisar Wild Woman dancing

Photography by Nordic Wild Woman®

July Full Moon, Blood Moon eclipse. Location: the eastern shore of the inlet of Skive.

Below is a description of my experience during the Wild Woman Dancing I did under the Blood Moon.

The Blood Moon awakens – I stand vulnerable, naked on the beach.

Chaos, desire, Wild Woman Dancing – everything is released.

Laughter, tears, silence.

To night I am free. To night is love.

The Thurisar Runestone

Photography by Nordic Wild Woman®

The stone has been on my table and been touch daily for almost a year. The Rune was carved on the second day after the July Bloodmoon 2018. My dark stone, that I had been working with for almost a year, broke when I started to carve the Rune, the second stone, that I had to chose on the day of the carving, was light as the full moon.

Quite interesting as i had a similar experience when I was work with the Fehu Rune. The stone broke that time as well, only it was a light stone that broke and I had to chose a new one and it was dark. The Fehu stone was carved during the August Full moon I 2017 when there was an eclipse.

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